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Energy Boosting Loose Leaf Tea

Our energy boosting loose leaf tea, also known as ‘Gun Powder Green Tea’ is a fantastic way of boosting your energy, using natural ingredients. Other properties of the energy boosting tea includes weight loss, anti-ageing qualities, metabolism boost, high in antioxidants and regulates cholesterol (to name a few!) Choose our energy boosting loose leaf tea if you’re in need of a kick start to your day! Opt for either a 30g, 50g or 100g loose leaf bag.

Low in energy? Let’s give it some energy!

  • Always low in energy?
  • Do you take afternoon naps?
  • Can’t stay awake during class or work?

The energy boosting loose leaf tea is best suited for you!

It is a real energy booster as it contains a decent amount of caffeine that does not give you the crash that coffee does.

It is also very high in a special antioxidant called EGCG (found in green tea) which enhances and supports the caffeine content in your tea and extends the energy boost that your body needs.

Give it a try.

Caffeine level: Caffeinated

Contains Gunpowder Green Leaves, Yerba Mate leaves, and a dash of Grounded Black Peppercorn

Imported ingredients. Blended and packed in the United Kingdom.

Packaging: For maximum freshness and flavour our products are packed in foil-lined reusable packaging and it is made–to–order.

*Disclaimer – Information on these products is not intended as medical advice. Some ingredients may not be recommended for people with certain allergies, who are taking medications, who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor before consuming.

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Energy Boosting Tea

30g, 50g, 100g